Japanese Studying Tools

Captain's Desk

Textfugu Online textbook created by Tofugu. My friend Taylor learned a lot from this resource.

WaniKani My favourite Japanese learning tool for studying radicals, kanji and vocab. 

Clubhouse Nikka Centre Japanese/English Conversation Club If you live near Vancouver, this is a wonderful place to volunteer, meet Japanese people and practice your Japanese. Taking your Japanese from the classroom/desk and connecting with real people is a great motivator.  I've met so many of my friends here and always leave feeling grateful I stopped by.

Japanese for iOS Japanese/English Dictionary Mobile App Love the flashcard feature and the scrolling character background. This app was such a trusty companion during my first year in Japan.

Imi for Android Japanese/English Dictionary Mobile App One of the nicer dictionaries if you're sporting an Android device.

Google Translate's Mobile App It now does instant translation via your phone's camera.

WayGo Instant Translator Mobile App 

Kotoba Miners Learn Japanese by playing Minecraft.


Moomin Story Time


Age is no excuse (The myth of children being better at learning languages)

The science of learning a new language and how to use it

How to stay motivated while learning Japanese

Guide to Japanese Loanwords (Japanese-sounding English/other foreign language words)


Looking Out To Sendai City